Property Depreciation Willawong

Property depreciation specialists in Willawong

Culling Smit, Willawong Property Depreciation and Quantity Surveyors have over 50 years combined experience. We will inspect your Willawong property to ensure that every dollar of your legitimate deductions is claimed by doing a thorough and comprehensive report.

To deliver outstanding results to you we provide a 4 step process in creating our detailed depreciation schedules.

We physically inspect and survey the property to make sure that everything you can legally claim has been included, We photograph all relevant items, for verification of claims.

Assess or dissect construction cost information, Prepare a comprehensive Depreciation Schedule, of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1977 and (if eligible) the Division 43 Building Allowances in accordance with the Income Tax Assessment Act, maximising the investors legitimate entitlements.

We provide you with a copy of the Depreciation Schedule, which includes analysis based on the Diminishing Value Method, Prime Cost Method, and (if eligible) Division 43 Building Allowances Schedules. The schedule apportions the entitlements over the period of ownership in the first year and summarises claims for the first ten years.

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